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From Federal Mediation:

Cox's Stipulated Order on Labor Matters (12/14/15)
Memo of Agreement (MAINT TECHS) (12/13/15)
Memo of Agreement (EICTs) (12/9/15)
Memo of Agreement (FST) (12/9/15)

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Imposed "City Employment Terms" from Financial Advisory Board (9 MB file)

MASTER AGREEMENT (2008-2012) between Council 25 and the City of Detroit



Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notice to DWSD (10/12/12)
Local 207 motion to 6th Circuit for stay (12/14/11)
Cox denial of motion to intervene (12/13/11)
Local 207 motion to intervene (11/28/11)
Local 207 motion to dissolve Judge Cox's order (11/28/11)
Local 207 motion to disqualify Judge Cox (11/28/11)
Declaration by Local 207 President John Riehl (11/28/11)
Declaration by Senior Accountants, Analysts, and Appraisers Assocation President Susan Glaser (11/28/11)
Judge's order denying intervention (11/18/11) AFSCME Council 25's Motion to Intervene (11/14/11) (11 MB file)
Dave Bing's Latest Outrageous Concession Demands
Judge orders dues deduction schedule (11/10/11)
Judge Cox's order (11/4/11)
Detroit Water and Sewerage Department Procurement Policy (11/2/11)
Root Cause Committee Plan of Action (11/2/11)
Detroit Water and Sewerage Department's Improvement Plan (9/30/11) 7.8 MB file

"How the City Wastes Money on Contracts"

Local 207's REPORT to Detroit City Council showing how the city wastes money.

General Membership Meeting

Second Thursday of every month, 4:30pm, Basement Rm. C, AFSCME Building, 600 W. Lafayette @ Third (park free behind building)

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AFSCME International
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Student civil rights organization BAMN (Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, & Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary)

January 19, 2016


Official Newsletter of AFSCME Local 207, Detroit. Issue #182 Jan. 19, 2016

Build a Unified, Strong, Membership-Controlled Fight for Justice

There is reason for optimism for workers in DWSD and GLWA, but it has nothing to do with management’s lies about how “everything is working out for the best.” Most of our union members are back in AFSCME, a union in which the members can wield more influence than in the unions management attempted to force us into. While that is important, the real reason for optimism is the rolling strikes being carried out by the Detroit Public School teachers, largely independent and even in opposition to their union’s mis-leadership. These “sick-outs” have rolled all obstacles and pessimism aside, and have given hope to the teachers, students and community. And it shows that we too can fight and win.

FIGHT ATTACKS ON DWSD WORKERS & DETROIT TEACHERS. DWSD and GLWA workers suffered a horrible injustice when management forced us to apply for our jobs. This happens EVERY YEAR for Detroit teachers. But that hasn’t stopped them from fighting.

Like us, teachers have been subjected to years of wage and benefit cuts with the craven collaboration of their union leaders, but it hasn’t made them powerless. In fact, it motivated them to elect a militant member of BAMN, Steve Conn as their president last year.

Then the DFT sellout Executive Board framed up Conn on false charges, and kicked him out of the union. Still unable to control the rebellious members, the sellout Executive Board of DFT VOLUNTEERED to a takeover of the DFT by the national union officials. But even that did not stop teachers from fighting. Led by Conn and BAMN, teachers started a campaign of sick-outs last fall which has now grown into the most important labor and civil rights struggle in the nation. If this struggle continues to escalate, the future of Detroit’s students and union members can be so much brighter. We too can fight regardless of what obstacles are placed in our way, even by our own union officials. With bold leadership and a determination we can fight and win.

WINNING OUR MEMBERS BACK. The long battle to overturn management’s illegal moves to put AFSCME members in other union is coming to a head. Already through the latest imposed federal court orders most members are back in AFSCME (all Maintenance Techs, EICTs and 60% of Field Service Techs). The Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) is hearing evidence now regarding the Plant Techs and Office Support Specialists. MERC has been ordered to rule on which union legally represents these titles by March.

OTHER FEDERAL COURT ORDERS. The imposed Federal Mediation process that ran from October through December of last year under a court gag order also and got rid of the CET, and revised Judge Cox’s anti-union orders from 2011, so that union reps can once again meet with members and process grievances during work hours. The federal court also imposed the AFSCME Local 2920 contract on all AFSCME members. This essentially forced a merger of Local 207 with Local 2920.

AFSCME LOCALS 207 AND 2920. While the court placed Locals 2920 and 207 under the same contract, it did not decide how the two locals would merge, or place Local 207 members under the 2920 constitution. The AFCME International Constitution authorizes the International President to merge local unions. We believe that the members should decide how this is done. We have written a proposal for a fair merger to AFSCME International and asked for meetings with the AFSCME Council 207 president Al Garrett and the leaders of the two locals. We proposed a blending together of the current local leaderships voting on a new local constitution, and fair elections for a merged local with everyone allowed to vote and run for office This merger should unite us, not divide us. Neither local should suffer a “takeover.” Detroit has had too many takeovers. Sign and circulate our petition for a fair merger.

WHAT OUR NEW UNITED LOCAL UNION SHOULD STAND FOR. For many years AFSCME Local 207 has been known in Detroit and around the nation for fighting for the members, not selling out and not giving up. We have worked in action with other unions and Council 25, but always maintained our political independence. The current elected leaders of 207 remain convinced that we can unite around a set of demands and find a way to win by helping to build an action-oriented movement for justice. We are not content to be cheer leaders for the latest lying set of politicians.

RESTORE DEMOCRACY IN DETROIT! The unjust, racist austerity policies that have been forced on Detroit for years could never be put into effect by democratic means. Detroiters would not have voted to give away DWSD, Belle Isle and our schools no matter how much money the corporations and their “foundations” spent on political spin. Both the liberal and conservative powers-that-be had to use unjust, dictatorial federal court orders, Emergency Manager Dictators and bankruptcy to override the democratic rights of Detroiters including our union rights. To better the conditions for DWSD and GLWA workers we must fight for real democracy in our city.

WE NEED A FAIR CONTRACT. During Federal Mediation there were no real negotiations over the Local 2920 contract that was imposed on us, and that contract is terrible. It is basically the contract that Local 207 members rejected twice by large margins and which prompted the strike of 2012. The newly imposed contract lasts till June 2018, but either management or the union can reopen it twice per year. In the past few years, management has opened the 2920 contract to make it worse. But if we get on our feet and fighting, we can win improvements without waiting for 2018. The list of contract proposals should include:

  • Eliminate the right for management to unilaterally change the contract
  • Equal pay for equal work! Actual wage scales for each level of each classification, not a broad range of salaries which management can choose from
  • Yearly raises, not raises based on management’s whim
  • Improved benefits (more time off, better pensions, better healthcare insurance)
  • Less punitive discipline procedures, including attendance policy
  • No more “at will” workers. Give all Special Project Techs permanent jobs with full rights
  • Bring back the laid off workers.

To back managements of DWSD and GLWA off their arrogant positions, we will have to engage in a sustained struggle, including group grievances, rallies, marches, sending contingents of water & sewerage workers to help other struggles. This will build publicity, unity and mutual support with our allies, and reestablish our reputation as a fighting union.

City and DWSD workers have been subjected to the most sustained attacks in the nation, but we refuse to roll over and play dead. The powers-that-be have had to take away the basic democratic and rights to plunder our city’s assets, our pensions, and even our right to be in a union that we have some control over. But the fight to build the power to win is still on. Let’s look to the teachers for inspiration. Let’s let nothing stand in our way.

December 19, 2015

AFSCME International Dismisses Challenges to Nov. 11th Local 207 Union Election

See Judicial Panel's decision

Federal Judge Cox's Order on DWSD Labor Matters

See the order

November 6, 2015


Monday November 9 at 4:30pm
AFSCME Building 600 W. Lafayette at Third

At 5pm on Wednesday Nov. 4, union president Michael Mulholland received notice that Thomas Johnson (candidate for local union president) was officially challenging the eligibility of most of the candidates running in the upcoming union elections. He challenged these candidates:

  • Susan Ryan (candidate for President)
  • Juan Moore (candidate for Vice-President)
  • Vera Lee (candidate for Sargent-at-Arms
  • Aurelia Morgan (candidate for Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Allen Raybon (candidate for General Unit Chairperson)
  • Scott Sledge and Derrick Turner (candidates for Trustees).

Subsequently, that evening, the other candidate for president, Susan Ryan challenged the eligibility of Thomas Johnson to run for president.

At 5:15 on Thursday November 5, Carolyn Fagan (candidate for Vice-President) also challenged Susan Ryan, Juan Moore and Aurelia Morgan.

The Election Committee will consider all challenges on Saturday November 7, at 4pm at the AFSCME Building. All challengers will be allowed to speak to the committee.

The Election Committee will report its decision to a Special Membership Meeting Monday November 9 at 4:30 at the AFSCME Building, and the members will be asked to approve the Election Committee’s decision.

At this Special Meeting the membership has the right to approve or overturn any Election Committee decision by a majority vote of those present. Any challenger or challenged candidate can appeal that decision to AFSCME International Judicial Panel for final decision.


October 7, 2015


TUESDAY, OCT. 13, 4:30 PM

AFSCME 207 Union Meeting Thursday October 8, 4:30pm
600 W. Lafayette, In the Small Studio (near back entrance)

In the last year, DWSD Director Sue McCormick has laid off approximately 100 workers many with over 20 years seniority and experience. The excuse for those layoffs was the privatization of Building Attendant jobs; and in Security management laid off high seniority workers by inventing new requirements and tests that were never required before, and aren’t necessary now.  

   Now about another 100 layoffs are scheduled for October 23 without regard to seniority.These layoffs are aimed at workers who did not receive the so-called “new titles.” The layoffs are intended to be permanent since management has renamed our titles so that we can never be recalled to “obsolete” titles.  Meanwhile, this cynical scheme leaves workers performing the same tasks that we performed before this so-called “optimization plan” and title changes, just with less workers. This throws many laid off workers and families into crisis, puts increased workloads on those still working, and irresponsibly sets up the system for failures due to short staffing. The only way to stop layoffs is to unite & fight. Workers at DMC recently rejected their first contract offer for the first time in 34 years.  Fiat Chrysler workers have rejected their contract and may well be striking. It is time that workers square off against our employers’ union busting.

   For AFSCME 207 and some other unions, management has refused to bargain contracts in good faith since 2012. Other unions ratified contracts that allow management to simply change their contracts at whim. Management has either coerced unions to agree (or unilaterally imposed) a series of outrageous concessions on wages, benefits, seniority rights, and they’ve curtailed unions’ ability to represent their members. They have even taken the unprecedented step of unilaterally reassigning workers to unions of management’s choosing!

   In addition to imposing harsh new disciplinary guidelines, management is now demanding that we agree to even more reductions of our vacation, sick time, funeral leave, etc. with their new Paid Time Off (PTO) scheme. At least for GLWA employees, they want to replace our already reduced Defined Benefit Pension plan with a much worse Defined Contribution plan. For unions that have contracts, management plans to impose the concessions after 45 days of useless “discussions.” For unions without contracts, such as Local 207, management wants to impose more concessions without any real negotiations.

   Now Federal Judge Cox plans to order union affiliation and contract issues to be decided through mediation, or he will impose terms himself by January 1, 2016. This provides DWSD and GLWA workers, including AFSCME 207 members, an opportunity to fight for better contracts. This is also true for those currently recognized by management as represented by Operating Engineers #324, Teamsters #214, and the Building Trades Council,

All unions should demand contracts that do not allow management to unilaterally rewrite that contract. We should all unite in the demand for decent contracts at both DWSD and GLWA regardless of how the union affiliation question is resolved by federal mediation. We should all unite NOW to conduct a sustained militant campaignto stop the layoffs and win decent contracts, starting with the rally against layoffs Tuesday Oct. 13 at 4:30pm at the Water Board Building, 735 Randolph.


Union officer nominations: Tuesday October 27, 4:30-5:30pm, 600 W. Lafayette, Small Studio. Elections: Wednesday November 11, 6am-6pm, same place.

Current President (Michael Mulholland) and Secretary-Treasurer (Lekita Thomas) are not running.

AFSCME State Headquarters says anyone who has paid dues to Local 207 continuously for the past year is eligible to run (it doesn't matter what union management says you're in) (call 313-995-5691 for info).

September 3, 2015


The 20th Michigan AFSCME Council 25 Constitutional Convention will be held in Dearborn, Michigan, at the Royal Dearborn Hotel and Convention Center (600 Town Center Drive) from Saturday October 10, 2015, starting at 10 AM, and will continue in session until the business of the Convention is completed. Delegates who work the weekend will be expected to use vacation time to attend the Convention, and remain at the Convention for all official Convention business.

Nominations and Elections for Local 207’s delegates shall be held at a Special Membership Meeting on Tuesday, September 15, 2015, between 4:30 and 5:30 PM, in the Small Studio, at 600 W. Lafayette, Detroit, Michigan.  If necessary, a runoff election will be held at a Special Membership Meeting held on Wednesday, September 16 between 4:30 and 5:30 PM in the Small Studio at 600 W. Lafayette.

Local 207 members may nominate themselves and/or other members of Local 207. Nominees need not be present at the Nominations Meeting, but should be able to be contacted to accept or decline nomination. To be eligible for office or to vote members must be in good standing (having paid their dues) to the local for one (1) year immediately prior to the date of nomination.

Members may vote for up to four (4) delegates. In addition to the elected delegates, the Local President serves as a delegate as well. Candidates may designate any AFSCME member (of any local) as their election observer during the election(s) and vote count. Voters will be asked to show their Department ID or other picture ID.


The election for the following positions shall be held in accordance with Local 207's Constitution and the AFSCME International Constitution. Terms of office shall be three (3) years: Asterisk (*) indicates a position on the Local Executive Board.

Recording Secretary*                      
General Unit Chairperson*
General Unit Vice-Chairperson
General Unit Secretary
Operators Unit Chairperson*
Operators Unit Vice-Chairperson
Operators Unit Secretary
Three (3) Trustees

Members who nominate someone for Unit Office must be in a title included in that unit. Nominees for Unit positions must have a title included in that unit.

The Operators Unit includes Water Plant Attendants, Water Plant Operators, Senior Water Plant Operators, Sewage Plant Attendants, Sewage Plant Operators, Senior Sewage Plant Operators and Water Systems Control Operators.

The General Unit includes any members other than those in the Operators Unit.

Nominations shall be accepted at a Special Nominations Meeting, Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 4:30-5:30 PM in the Small Studio, in the AFSCME Building, 600 W. Lafayette, Detroit.

Members can nominate themselves and/or other Local 207 members for any office for which nominees are eligible. Members can only run for one position. Nominees need not be present at the Nominations Meeting, but should be able to be contacted to accept or decline nomination. To be eligible for office, members must be in good standing (having paid their dues) to the local for one (1) year immediately prior to the date of nomination.

Elections will be held Wednesday, November 11, 2015, between 6 AM and 6 PM, in the Small Studio, in the AFSCME Building, 600 W. Lafayette, Detroit. Voters will be asked to show their Department ID or other picture ID.

If necessary, a runoff election shall be conducted on Thursday, November 12, 2015, between 6 AM and 6 PM, in the Small Studio, in the AFSCME Building, 600 W. Lafayette, Detroit.

Election results will be announced Thursday, November 12, 2015 at the Regular General Membership Meeting at 4:30 PM (or later for any runoff elections) in the Small Studio, in the AFSCME Building, 600 W. Lafayette, Detroit.

Candidates have the right to one campaign mailing to the membership through the union office at the candidates’ expense. All candidates may designate any AFSCME member (of any local) as their election observer during the election(s) and vote count. Candidates should contact the Election Committee through the local union office (313-965-1601, or 313-995-5691) to arrange for election observers and/or for the mailing of campaign literature.


June 21, 2015


John Riehl, president of AFSCME Local 207 from 2000-2012 has died. Detroit and the labor movement has lost a great and uncommon leader.

John worked at the Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant for 34 years under difficult and dangerous conditions. During most of that time he served as an elected union steward for AFSCME Local 207 which represented Detroit Water & Sewerage Department workers. He headed the rank & file militant caucus City Workers for Justice (CWJ). He helped lead countless fights both inside and outside the union for the rights of workers, Detroiters and the oppressed in our society. He helped make Local 207 a symbol of labor’s fight for civil rights.

He served as the elected President of AFSCME Local 207 from 2001 through 2012. During that time John steadfastly stood against the tide of concessions being demanded of Detroit’s public workers, even if it meant being the only union president to do so. City workers always knew that John could be trusted to defend them when no one else would. John laughed when the press sometimes referred to him as a “union boss.” His members knew him as their elected and accountable leader who administered their union democratically and with integrity. Based on this reputation he was later elected to represent all city employees on the Detroit General Pension Board.

Facing an imminent takeover of Detroit by the Emergency Manager, John led a strike of Local 207 in the fall of 2012, openly defying a federal court order and threats of arrest. When no one else would fight, John would.

John was a supporter of the civil rights organization Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).  Below is a Face Book posting by a leader of BAMN.

“RIP John Riehl: socialist, champion of working class and oppressed people, former proud "union boss" and president of Detroit sewage workers, head of City Workers for Justice, loved and admired by so many people for your courage, strengths, and very human weaknesses. You taught us that the measure of a person isn't only what side they're on, but the actions they take on behalf of their side to win. Never to be mistaken for a liberal, you were a true militant who stood by and acted on your principles. You made a huge impression on everyone who ever met you and for those fortunate enough to call you friend. Your light went out too soon. I am honored to have called you comrade and one of my personal inspirations and heroes. You will be dearly missed.”

Funeral arrangements will be announced.

September 30, 2014

Michigan Council 25 AFSCME ALERT:

As you are aware, the DWSD has made it clear, through bargaining, that it intends to arbitrarily take members out of AFSCME and place them in other Unions.

Michigan AFSCME Council 25 has filed an Unfair Labor Practice Charge (UL) and a Unit Clarification (UC) with the Michigan Employee Relations Commission (MERC), regarding this illegal act. However, due to the filing of Bankruptcy by Kevyn Orr, Judge Rhodes has put a Stay on all legal cases against the City of Detroit. Therefore, AFSCME Council 25 has filed a Motion to Lift the Stay, so our cases can be heard at MERC. But, this will take months.

The hearing on the Motion to Lift the Stay has been scheduled for Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 10 a.m. in Judge Rhodes' courtroom.

We need DWSD AFSCME members in the courtroom who object to being arbitrarily placed in other Unions.

Letter from Catherine Phillips (Staff Representative of Council 25)

September 27, 2014

Council 25 Health and Safety Training for all Local 207 members:

July 30, 2014

Press Release

AFSCME Local 207 Tells Mayor Duggan to Fire DWSD Director Sue McCormick and Deputy Director Darryl Latimer and Stop the Water Shut Offs

 Today AFSCME Local 207 members rejected the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department’s contract offer by 9 to 1 margin. This is a rejection of the failed leadership of DWSD Director Sue McCormick.

McCormick has dragged Detroit’s international image through the mud by shutting off water to people who can’t afford to pay their bills.

 Tomorrow AFSCME 207 members will join with community activists and the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigrant Rights & Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) for a March and Community Meeting in the North End to stop the water shut offs.

Most of us are Detroiters, many of us have been victims of water shut offs ourselves. We are not here to deny people access to a basic human rights, our job is to provide clean safe water and sewerage service for all. We stand with the community, and against this cruel policy.

Since Mayor Duggan was elected to serve the people of Detroit, and since he has now been placed in charge of DWSD, it is time for him to fire Sue McCormick and her entire imported, over-priced incompetent management team and consultants.

McCormick has left Detroit’s once proud department in shambles by understaffing and shady deals with contractors.

She is raising water rates yearly, while actively trying to sell, privatize or take control of DWSD away from Detroit, a which will mean higher water rates.

While crying broke, McCormick is paying at least $750,000 to build a privately-run sewage sludge processing plant across the street from the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.

McCormick is cutting jobs to make work for contractors, just like former Director Mercado did. Security is being cut at night, leaving the plants vulnerable to theft and sabotage and  fresh water treatment plants are being  run with only one operator. In the service centers, the lines go around the block because there aren’t enough staff which means making more money for contractors doing shutoffs. Safety is regularly ignored when repairing water mains.

McCormick will not bargain a fair contract with DWSD unions. She knows public workers will expose corruption like we did to Mercado and Kilpatrick. The DWSD contract offer would break up our union and put workers in unions of McCormick’s choosing. She demands that AFSCME Local 207 sign a contract that allows management to rewrite all economic provisions unitlaterally. On top of years of contract concessions, she expects us to agree to be paid 2% less in 2018 than we were in 2008, and huge new cuts in our benefits,

We further call upon Mayor Duggan to meet with the AFSCME Local 207 Bargaining Team to hammer out a fair contract that serves the interests of Detroit, all the rate payers, and the workers who keep DWSD running.


Michael Mulholland, Acting President, AFSCME Local 207 (cell: 313-995-5691)

July 28, 2014

Make it a massive turnout

AFSCME Building, 600 W. Lafayette (park behind building)
Vote in the "Studio" Off of the Rear Lobby

The Local 207 Bargaining Team (Michael Mulholland, Lekita Thomas, Juan Moore, Susan Ryan and Adedayo Ogunnupe) is asking for a massive NO vote on DWSD’s contract offer. We want to go back to contract talks on August 11 with a clear message from the members that management should make us a more reasonable offer. Let’s send a UNITED message to management that we deserve more and will not consent to second-class treatment.

By now many of us have seen the list of concessions DWSD is calling their “final offer” (see below). Management’s demands are outrageous and unjustified. They threaten the existence of our union and leave our livelihoods in the hands of a management team imported from the suburbs for the takeover of Detroit.

Voting YES would make no sense. And this is not the time to hang back and let others vote for us. We are all in this together. The more NO votes, the stronger the message to management.

A huge NO vote is the first step toward winning a better offer. It will not be the only step. But we need to take this one step at a time. Tuesday is a day for the members to unite and demand the respect that we earn every day for keeping DWSD running.

This is a summary of the main concessions in DWSD’s latest contract offer for 2014-18. It is even worse than the contract for non-DWSD workers which was rammed down their throats by Kevyn Orr:
Wages: The 10% pay cut would be restored without retro...


July 22, 2014

New Date & Location for CONTRACT UPDATE Meeting
Thursday, July 24, 5:30pm

IBEW Hall - Porter St., a block east of Trumbell (park in lot)

Vote on the Contract Tuesday, July 29, 6am-6pm
AFSCME Building "Studio", 600 W. Lafayette

Contract talks between AFSCME Local 207 and DWSD are coming to a head. In truth there has been precious little movement or compromise from DWSD. On Friday July 18, they presented the union bargaining team with a contract which they called their “final offer.” It is an insult to the members. We will try to get them to put forward a more reasonable offer in the next couple weeks. Soon however the members will have to choose between voting to accept a contract that is so horrible that it is almost a “non-union” contract, or striking for our dignity and futures. The elected Local 207 Executive Board and Bargaining Team urges members to fight and not surrender.

This is a summary of the main concessions in DWSD’s latest contract offer for 2014-18:

Wages: The 10% pay cut would be restored without retro...


July 17, 2013

All union members, city employees, retirees & residents

Thursday, July 25, 4:30pm
City-County Building


Get your church, union or community organization to endorse and build this rally. We need to flyer the entire city – and we can do it with your help. Call 313-995-5691.

May 12, 2013



Rally & Attend the Public Hearing
Monday May 13, 5:30pm
Delray Community Center
420 S. Leigh St. (go west on Lyon St. which is off Dearborn – behind Sewage Plant)

On Monday at 5:30pm there will be a public hearing on DWSD's plan to build a sludge dewatering and drying facility across the street from the Detroit Sewage Plant. This facility would be designed, built, operated and maintained by the N NEFCO Corporations for at least the next twenty years. Be there to say HELL NO!

We must make it clear that we will not let our jobs be privatized. Don't let the formal nature of the hearing or the technical jargon they throw around intimidate you. Don't let bought-off so-called community representatives that will be paraded out to support the project make us feel isolated. Don't let the presence of the recently imported DWSD big wigs silence you. All we have to remember is this: we will not let DWSD, our jobs and our city be sold off like so much scrap metal.


April 16, 2013

Judge to Hear Local 207's Case Against CET (including 10% Pay Cut)
Tuesday, April 30, 10:00 am

State Building Corner of W. Grand Blvd and 2nd Avenue, Detroit

MERC hearing notice

April 16, 2013

6th Circuit Rules Judge Cox's 2011 Order Was Abuse of Discretion

New Hearing to be Scheduled

See the 6th Circuit's ruling

March 22, 2013

AFSCME Local 207 Members Reject DWSD Contract Offer - 301 NO to 36 YES.

Thanks to All the Members.

March 19, 2013

All AFSCME Local 207 Members:
Attend One of Two Special Membership Meetings
NOON – 2PM, and 5PM -7PM
600 W. Lafayette @ Third, Auditorium

207 Flier and Summary of Management's Offer in PDF
Contract Offer in PDF (11 MB file)

(Some browsers might have trouble reading the large file -- right-click and "Save" to your computer before opening.)

At the meetings there will be information and discussion of a contract offer from DWSD Management (See reverse side of this flier for an outline of the offer. Complete details will be available at the meeting).

March 22nd, 6am-6pm
AFSCME Building, 600 W. Lafayette @ Third
Basement Room C.

The Local 207 Bargaining Team Recommends a NO Vote


January 9, 2013


Download as PDF


President: James Williams
Vice-President: Michael Mulholland
Secretary-Treasurer: Lekita Thomas
Recording Secretary: Keisha Ford
Sergeant-at-Arms: Tanya Glover
Operators Unit Chair: Jujuan "Juan" Moore
Operators Unit Vice-Chair: Aurelia Morgan
Operators Unit Secretary: Rissa Holmes
General Unit Chair: Dominic Lane
General Unit Vice-Chair: Keith Coffin
Trustees: Larry Carson, Marcel Coleman, Edward Collins Jr.


John Riehl - 97
James Williams - 158 (Elected)

Michael Mulholland - 137 (Elected)
Willie Collins - 116

Lekita Thomas - 145 (Elected)
Kendra Bridges - 106

Recording Secretary
Susan Ryan - 99
Keisha Ford - 152 (Elected)

Tanya Glover - 145 (Elected)
Michael Jimmerson - 102

Operators Unit Chair
Janice Dowdell - 34
Jujuan Moore - 40 (Elected)

Marcel Coleman - 117 (Elected)
Allen Raybon - 85
Amber Strickland - 97
Edward Collins, Jr. - 111 (Elected)
Ken Gray - 108
Larry Carson - 117 (Elected)

Total Ballots Cast - 258
Spoiled Ballots - 2
Challenged Votes - 0


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